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Crystal Gazing For Beginners In Three Easy Steps

Crystal Gazing For Beginners In Three Easy Steps

Crystal Gazing is a lovely core skill for modern energy magic people. Learn Crystal Gazing For Beginners In Three Easy Steps. 


Crystal gazing for beginners in three easy steps:

Magic Heart Position for Crystal Gazing Method

1. Assume the Heart Position and take three deep breaths in and out.

2. Look into the crystal. Continue to hold the Heart Position and breathe deeply.

3. Close your eyes and start to describe out loud what you can perceive for at least 5 minutes.


Practice every day.

Eventually, you'll be able to do crystal gazing with eyes open also.

Crystal Gazing with Set Ups:

At step 1, in the Heart Position, say out aloud, "Show me something that ...(....)"

This is a set up to find out something specific from out of the truly myriad of things your energy mind could be showing you.

Use the Crystal Gazing practise for being shown something ... useful, helpful, surprising, the truth of a situation, the next step I should take, what my boyfriend was doing last night, what is happening next week, etc. etc.

This allows you to keep control of your crystal gazing, and to learn something about the entire process as you practise your crystal gazing.

Crystal Gazing with different crystals:

Experiment with different crystals to find out what kind of information they can give you.

With this particular method, you can use many different kinds of crystals for your crystal gazing, not just clear ones. Moonstone, obsidian, opal and lapis lazuli are among my personal favourites.

Crystal Gazing with other minerals and magic mirrors:

The basic Crystal Gazing for beginners method works also with all manner of other things, such as gold, silver, iron and magic mirrors made from crystal, glass or the traditional bowl of water.

The original version of looking into a still lake or a pond, a flowing river or at the moon also works with this method.

Notes on Crystal Gazing for beginners:

There are two completely different systems for "seeing things." One is with eyes open, seeing what's in front of you.

The other is "the eyes of night" where you are "seeing things" with the physical eyes closed, such as in dreams, visions and crystal gazing.

For beginners, it is highly advised to close your eyes and concentrate on what you see with your eyes of night.

You don't want to start overlaying what is essentially a hallucination over your actual physical environment. Crazy people who see snakes where there are no snakes do exactly that.

With a lot more practice, you can start overlaying the two visual systems, to "see auras" for example.

You will still be able to tell what's coming in through the eyes of day, and what's coming in from the eyes of night.

Hope that helps!



February 2017

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Crystal Gazing For Beginners In Three Easy Steps

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