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Christian And Psychic And A Witch

Christian And Psychic And A Witch

Angelo writes: Dear Starfields, I think of myself as a Christian but I am also psychic and I know I am a witch. There is nothing I can do about that, I have always been that way and it isn't my fault.

I am scared and terribly torn apart. What can I do to make this better? Hope you have an answer, Angelo



Dear Angelo,

there are two different things.

One is Jesus Christ, the other is the weird and wonderful "structure" of the various sects of the "Christian Churches" with all their rituals and laws and all that stuff.

You could choose to be a Christian as in, someone who follows CHRIST - and not the church.

You could pray and meditate and ask Jesus Christ directly for guidance in the matter.

Jesus never said, "Keep everyone away from me, I only talk to priests!"

In the contrary in every way.

If you keep yourself focused on Christ DIRECTLY, not by reading any version or translation of the bible but by finding the real Christ with your heart and soul, you can be a true Christian like the first Christians were.

That's something that no-one can take away, and all your questions will be answered from a place of divine LOVE and not from a place of human created terror of hell, dogma or politics or power-hungryness over ordinary people.

I know for a fact that those psychics who turned to Christ DIRECTLY rather than let themselves be fobbed off by the Chinese whispers of a bunch of priests of the ages found amazing strenghth and also found out not just how to use their gifts for good, but entirely in keeping with Christ's teachings.

Hope that helps.

Wishing you LIGHT, and LOVE, always,



PS In our free downloads section is a short MP3 program called First Sanctuary.

You can use the method described therein to make a sanctuary and invite Jesus into it so you can walk and talk with Jesus. The simplest and most direct route how to talk with Jesus Christ and get HIS take on your situation.

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