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Cast A Spell! How To Cast A Simple, Powerful Energy Magic Spell

Cast A Spell! How To Cast A Simple, Powerful Energy Magic Spell

Cast a powerful energy magic spell - it's easy and a fantastic experience with this simple pattern. Incl how to cast a spell video featuring a love spell, a money spell and a spell for new beginnings.



How to cast a spell!

Here is how to cast a great spell the old fashioned way - without ingredients, without circles, without calling the quarters, without robes and without any palaver!

To cast a spell you need:

A. Some small objects that fit in your hand so that you can shake them.

You can use 7 objects for that magic touch but more or less according to what you have, what you feel like, what you want.

There must be room in your closed hands to shake the objects about.

For this form of spell casting you can use for example:

Small stones, small twigs, coins, seeds, nuts, beads, sand, glitter, rice.

Note: Don't use things that can shatter as we are throwing them with force! No glass, and no fragile crystals please.

B. Something or somewhere you can safely throw the objects at or in.

As we are throwing the objects out with great force, they can go all over the place and you can't recover them easily afterwards.

This is not a problem when we use little stones on a river bank, sand on a beach or sticks in a forest, but coins in your living room are a different matter.

Casting your spell into a couch works great indoors, or use a box with a blanket to catch the objects.

And that's all the preparation we need.

The rest is up to you!

Let's get started with casting a real, powerful, energy magic spell.

1. Your Intention For Casting The Spell

Be clear in your mind what you want to accomplish.

What is your spell going to do, and who is it for?


"Today I am casting a money spell for my family!"

Explain further, so you are really CLEAR what you want.

"I want my family to have lots more happy money and this happy money will make my family happier!"

* Note the three "HAPPY" in there! We are making it clear that we want, at the end of the day, more HAPPINESS for the family through getting more happy money.

That's really important to avoid problems with casting spells.



Shake the objects and RAISE ENERGY!

Move, dance, really let energy flow through you until you feel tingly and alive.

Keep raising energy until you can't stand it anymore - you have to ...


Throw the objects out with FORCE - that's the moment "the spell is cast."

You should feel a powerful surge of energy at the moment of casting the spell. That's your sign that "it is DONE!"

4. Thank You!

You are full of energy after casting the spell, and that's a perfect moment to do something cool, such as sending blessings, giving thanks to the Universe, or doing something else with the energy you've raised.

And that's how you really CAST a spell.

The more energy filled, POSITIVE, loving and generative your spell is, the better for you and everyone concerned.

With a little practice, your spells get more and more powerful, as you learn to raise more and more energy. Your energy body becomes much stronger, and you become likewise mose powerful.

It's a wonderful thing!

Enjoy casting your spells and bringing more light, love, and joy into our lives!

With many blessings and lots of love,

Silvia :-)

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