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Calling Home The Soul

Spell Keywords: Soul loss, soul searching, heroes journey, finding the philosopher's stone, finding the holy grail, finding oneself, retrieving the soul, singing the soul home.

Recalling My Soul

I call to my soul
to come home to me
to return, reunite
to heal and to free
me now from the night
and bring back my sun
so my true life my real life
now has begun.
By mountain and vale,
by land and by sea,
I call to my soul,
to come home to me
Bring my soul and my power
so that I may grow
tis my will and my want
now make it so.

SFX 2004


NB: It is easier to call or "sing" the soul back home into the totality rather than to go searching for it, especially in far away countries where it is never ever found.

NB2 I believe that sometimes, people and young children "put their soul in a very safe place" that they themselves don't remember, so they can't break or even under torture, reveal it's whereabouts. As I can't find my checkbook EVER if I've put it "somewhere REALLY safe, where NO ONE ever would think to look, including myself", it seems a good idea to call the soul back now that that old danger has passed.

It is further interesting to muse that should things ever get THAT bad again, we can always hide the soul again, and then call it back later, just as we're doing now.

NB3: You don't have to "believe" you have a soul to feel some incredible changes. There is one, it hears your call and it does return. When it does, the world becomes a totally different place.


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