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Butterfly Spell To Call For Transformation & A New Future

Butterfly Spell To Call For Transformation & A New Future

Sometimes, you come to the end of an "in life incarnation". You know you can't go on like you used to, and a major transformation is required now. What used to be comforting and good has run its course, and that could be a job, a relationship, where you live, or all of it at the same time, and CHANGE is what needs to happen.

This beautiful "Butterfly" spell calls on the fascinating power of metamorphosis and calls new opportunities for a complete life transformation into your unfoldments.

Butterfly Metamorphosis - An incredibly powerful magical symbol and idea for life transformation



Butterfly Spell

To Call For Transformation & A New Future


Draw a butterfly on a piece of paper, colour it and cut it out.

That is going to be the symbol for the new life that is awaiting you and the transformation you have to undergo to step into your new life.

  • By all means, spend some time doing this and do it with love, and think about the colours as you do it - golden sunshine over new shores, luscious green of health and wealth, blue like the eternal oceans, red like roses of love, purple for delicious magic and so forth. The butterfly you create is the centerpiece of this spell - the more care and attention you give this, the more powerful the spell becomes.

When your butterfly is ready, or when the time is right to complete the ritual, get five candles.

Put one each into each corner of a room, ready to be lit.

Stand in the center, light the fifth candle and say:

I call to the powers that be

awaken synchronicity

now light my way

in night and day,

so that I see

what's right for me

and have it come,

my will be done.

Below and above:

In the name of love.


Place the butterfly in the center of the room and take the first candle to light the others in turn, as you say:



I call to the North:

Let the New come forth;

I call to the East:

Let the Old be released;

I call to the South:

Let your light be my path;

I call to the West:

Let it be for the best.


Return to the center of the room with your first candle, put it down safely and sit with the butterfly.

Butterfly Metamorphosis - An incredibly powerful magical symbol and idea for life transformation


Think about what you want for yourself and let your new future arise for you.

Focus, make it stronger and brighter until your desire fills the entire room, then hold out the butterfly and say:


Four quarters plus one,

my new life has begun,

Four quarters plus one,

My will shall be done.


Blow out the first candle, then all the others in turn (it is customary to "thank the quarters plus one" with a bow before blowing out the candle).

Put the butterfly somewhere where you can see it, perhaps on your mirror, and the New will come to you, with opportunities, gifts and surprises.


Good luck and sparkles to you!


SFX 2005

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