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Breakthroughs With Magic Mirrors

Working on your own with Energy Therapies can have its challenges. Those challenges are not quite as challenging as trying to do one's own dentistry or brain surgery, but still they exist when there is no handy therapist around to hold up a mirror that allows you to look into your own blind spots.

Here's a handy guide to working by yourself using "Magic Mirrors".

The Mirror Theory

There are thousands of cars on the roads and in car parks and we see them every day; which particular make and model catches our interest however, is due to individual previous experience.

To some people, the same make, colour and model that they are driving currently, really stands out a mile and they will always "notice" it. Others give notice to sports cars as a matter of course, others have a favourite luxury range that catches their glance; I always note the model and colour of car my dad used to drive all his life.

This is an example of how the mirror theory works: what we choose to put our attention on is simply a reflection of what exists in our own mind - a very handy concept when dealing with our own minds which we cannot really directly perceive.

I would put forth the proposition that the difference between something you put attention to and something that you do not put attention to, is the amount of emotional charge connected to those somethings. "Issues" carry a negative emotional charge which, if released through meridian therapies, sets the attention free to go elsewhere. Mirrors are therefore a great way to discover what your "issues" are, if you wish to use them in that way.


1. Reality Mirrors



What, in your reality, do you give the most attention to? What do you talk about, what do you think about more than other things? When you get the mail in the morning, do you look at the bills first or the other mail? When you hear the news, what catches your interest most strongly? What gets you the most upset? When you study your diary, what jumps out at you amongst all the appointments and why?


2. People Mirrors


The mirror theory holds that those qualities you admire in others you also possess (else you would not be aware of these qualities) and the qualities in others you especially dislike you also possess as well and that's why they are so especially painful to observe :-). Treating oneself for those traits/attributes/behaviours one finds most disturbing in others can be a very interesting exercise because these may well be the most unconscious or even repressed aspects of them all.


3. "Resonant Theme" Mirrors


Works of fiction, songs, movies, books, poems, stories or specific themes within these can be an excellent mirror to show you where you are stuck or where there is an issue in the unconscious that wishes to be addressed. Take note as to where your interests lie.


4. Animal Mirrors



Whether you have a pet who may show you various behaviours, attitudes or even health related concerns to which you respond particularly, or whether particular species of animals hold a positive or negative fascination for you is also often a good indicator of unconscious issues that if successfully resolved, would open the door to a wide variety of changes.


5. Personal Mirrors


I'm sure you have heard of "tapping with a photograph" of yourself, or the suggestion to stand in front of a mirror, look into one's own eyes and use a meridian therapy without speaking or choosing an affirmation/opening statement.

For deep level and identity problems, this can be the most healing form of Mirror Treatment.

Silvia Hartmann, December 1999


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