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The Best Book On Love Spells - EVER.

The Best Book On Love Spells - EVER.

Have you ever tried to cast a love spell and it wasn't working? Well, here's an end to all of that. We have a brand new book on love spells, 2015, for modern people - and without any candles, herbs, or anything other than your heart, mind and soul!

The BEST Book on "Love Spells" EVER.

Yes, I've just written the best book on love spells - ever!

It's called LOVE EFT, doesn't have the word "love spell" in it (much) but it embodies not only the very essence of what a love spell is and what it does, but it makes it easy to do your own love spells anytime - without candles, incense, or calling in any higher beings!

Let's get right down to it - what is a love spell?

  • A love spell is when you MOVE ENERGY in such a way that it gets you your desired outcome.

spells are energy - and love is all about energy. Learn Energy EFT!

Love is all about energy.

Energy is love - and love is energy!

Love spells have always attempted to influence that energetic world where love lives.

In the past, this was done extremely haphazardly, and it was extremely hit and miss for many reasons.

But I've spent the last 40 YEARS figuring it out.

When we strip away all the bits and bobs that are traditionally associated with witchcraft, magic, or magick with a k, or prayer, evocation, however you want to call it, we are left with ...

... a single human being, who has an energy system, and this is connected to the whole world, and other people as well.

We can make changes at the energy levels, behind the facade of the material objects around us.

How do we make these changes?

By working with energy directly - and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a fabulously simple short cut that anyone can learn in under ten minutes.

Instead of

x having to accumulate endless herbs, candles in every colour under the rainbow, a thousand crystals, string, flowers, knives, chalices, swords, sticks, wands, robes

x or having to paint our faces blue

x before we start to meditate for hours and go through all these complicated and convoluted rituals of the ages,

we simply focus our attention with Positive EFT-

and then use the powerhouse that is our own energy system, our will, our heart and mind of energy aligned to make the changes we desire.

Best book on love spells - love eft by silvia Hartmann


And even better still - working with POSITIVE energy, or love energy, in other words, is the most powerful form of energetic intervention there is.

There is nothing more powerful than love energy.

To unlock the power that we have to use love energy to make changes is easy with EFT - which is why I chose to use this for the basis of the book on love spells.

With Love EFT, you can easily and quickly do all those things that people always want to use love spells for.

  • Bring an ex-lover back.
  • Turn someone to love who doesn't seem interested.
  • Stop a lover from running away.
  • Attracting new and better lovers.
  • Making an old relationship flare up and get exciting again.
  • Stopping yourself from obsessing over someone.
  • Getting rid of stalkers and unwanted attention.
  • Getting over jealousy and envy in relationships.
  • Changing your partner's behaviours.
  • Getting over love pain.
  • Feeling more beautiful and more attractive.
  • Attracting much better lovers.
  • Not being nervous, shy and/or afraid of love, ever again.

All these are doable with Love EFT, and it's easy.

Not just that.

You start with something that you really need to fix magically, for which you don't need a dating agency or a couples counsellor.

  • But as you practice your new craft of the true love spell, and work with the power of love, you learn about love.

I can't overestimate how important that is to your life in every way.

Being able to handle love right is probably the most important and empowering thing we could ever learn in this lifetime, and Love EFT starts you out right.

Took me 40 years to figure out, and all of that experience is yours.

If you can understand that love is energy, and that love spells are pure energy interventions, then you can get a huge boost in your love life and beyond from Love EFT.

I recommend it highly, and you can get it here:

This is real, working energy magic, make no mistake.

It's modern magic for modern people. It works. And it'll blow your mind as to what is really possible when we start to use the power of love.

If you can afford a pizza, you can afford this book. Go get it. Try it out for yourself. And prepare for your own personal breakthroughs in love - and magic!

With blessings,


PS: And if you really want to do old fashioned love spells too, what you've learned in Love EFT will give you the understanding, the tools and most of all, THE POWER to make those work on a whole new level as well.

PPS: Seriously. This is brand new stuff, never been published before, and I wish with all my heart I'd had this when I was 13! There was a time in my life when I spent 15 years moping over an ex. That's 15 years of my prime I'll never get back ... I could have gotten over him just like that if I'd known then what I know now!

PPPS: And if you don't have any need for more love, more power, more luck and success (for all that comes free of charge with love!), perhaps you have friends who do. Pass it on.



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