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Beauty Spell: Growing Your Own Beauty

Beauty Spell: Growing Your Own Beauty

Sinday writes: Please find me a beauty spell.

I'm really down about my looks and i really need a spell to lift me up. I cant light candles or anything,

I just want a spell that i can chant.

Dear Sinday,

You'll never get anywhere by trying to "steal" or "copy" another woman's beauty.

You need to develop YOUR OWN BEAUTY.

Chant this:

Everybody now can see
the true beauty that is me
bow their head and bend their knee
see what once they could not see.

Also, look for the Venus Beauty Spell on the site, and pray to Venus to light up and grow YOUR OWN BEAUTY.

That's the heart and core of being truly beautiful and it's really immaterial what you "look like" right now.

Everybody has their own beauty, it is like a flame inside of them and the body shapes itself according to that flame. When the flame burns brightly, everyone thinks you're beautiful because you ARE beautiful then.

That flame can ONLY be your own, and wishing to look like someone else or have someone else's beauty makes your own flame dim even more and eventually it can die. If you don't get your head around that you can end up like Michael Jackson who tried to steal someone else's beauty and just ended up looking like a freak instead of the goodlooking man he could have been.

Even if your own beauty is small at the moment, protect it, grow it, and that's the way to be truly stunningly beautiful and admired by all.



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