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Art Spell

Art Spell

This is the Art Spell - artless magic is heartless magic, is no magic at all.

With love to all creative souls who walk the Earth and those who don't, make your presence felt, bring you wonder and your joy.


The Setup:

An art spell to bring more love into the world ...

Art Spell

When you create a piece of original art, be this a drawing, a painting, a computer generated image, a song, a sculpture, a mini-sculpture such as a charm or pendant, a dance, a photograph, a poem, a story, a web page or a toy, you are bringing something into the world that has never been before.

It is pure magic.

It doesn't have to be clever, or complicated, or display any form of "master craftsmanship" at all - it just has to come from the heart, be created by your hands and with intention.

This piece of original art will be unique in all times spent, in all the worlds, in all the dimensions.

You are its creator, and you imbue it with your intention.

That is an art spell and possibly the most powerful form of magic human beings are capable of.

Do not let yourself become confused with the symbols of the ages; they are old and their time has been and gone.

You are here and now; you are the power.

Make an intention.

Take your time.

Breathe deeply and take a moment to think about love, to remember what it feels like to love and to be loved.

Allow yourself to be moved - this is the movement of living energy, of life itself in your body, in your heart and in your soul.

Say out aloud, "Give me something that I can create today to bring more love into the world."

Then let it come to you, let the idea, the vision, reveal itself.

Accept what you are being given.

Don't fight it, don't reject it, and most of all, don't criticise it for being the wrong idea, too simple, too childish ...

Take your vision and shape it in reality, make it into an object that will exist now.

Bring it into being.

Discover your power and your joy in the process.

And be very proud of yourself.

You have changed the world.

Silvia Hartmann

February 4th, 2014

Published Winter Solstice December 21st, 2014.


Magic Art - Art Spell by Silvia Hartmann 2014

Art Spell - Original Painting by Silvia Hartmann (from Love Storm 2014)


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