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A Spell To Sell A House?

A Spell To Sell A House?

Megan wrote:

> Message: i would love to know of a spell for selling a house. many thanks

This is really interesting as a proposition, Megan.

Houses do have spirits, and not only do people with psychic talents and awareness make deep relationships with houses and the land on which they are, houses and the land in turn develop a very protective attitude towards their owners.

Now you can imagine, when it comes to selling the house, that's not going to help - the house is repelling the prospective users.

Right now and apart from all the usual "house doctor" stuff, this is a really useful spell, very powerful. I've conducted this myself in the past and helped friends use it too, to be able to "move on" freely and elegantly.

This is how it works.

You get a jar, a nice glass jar of some kind with a good lid or stopper, and you fill it with crystals, leaving a bit of room at the top. Quartz crystal shards, but also if you're desperate, household salt will do the trick.

When there's no-one around who could disturb you, take the jar outside and stand outside the front door with it, so you can see the whole house. Take the top off the jar and say:

I am here to take my spirit back,
my time, my memories, my energy,
to release you, home, and me
to set us free so we can move along.

(Or words to that effect)

Now go into the hallway with the jar open, and let memories, energies, and all those things that once were rush into the jar. Take your time, turn around through 360' in every open space, and go through each room, one by one, as you take back your energy and it goes into the crystals in the jar.

When you've done the whole house (and the cellar, attic if any, outhouses, back yard) and you feel all that energy has now been taken from the house, tightly seal the jar and put it somewhere safe for now.

I would then advise to have a small ceremony of thanking the house for the shelter, blessing it and wishing it well, perhaps giving it a parting gift, a repair, a lick of paint somewhere, or just stroke the walls if that's what it likes, and actually tell it to now look out for the right people who will move in and take your place.

This makes a lot of difference in every way.

When you have your new home, open the jar and leave it open for about two hours for the energy to come into the new home and then you can discard the jar and the crystals.

Wishing you good fortune and swift forward movement,


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