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A Spell To Grow Taller & Increase In Height

A Spell To Grow Taller & Increase In Height

Holly writes: I am looking for a spell for increase in height .

Will it be possible to grow taller? Please suggest a spell for me.

Thank you in advance for your time.


Hi Holly,

The easiest way to do this is to use a witches glamour, which makes you appear other than the strictly physical.

This is based on extending and shaping your ENERGY SYSTEM (some call it your aura).

To begin with, it gives you and others simply a sense of you being taller than you actually are; over time, the physicality stretches into that and you can actually measure height gain as well.

Here are the steps.

1. Get a sense of the shape of your energy system as it is now.

2. Breathe deeply and with intention, let energy flow into you from above and below to "blow up your aura" to a larger size. Shape it into a taller, higher shape but keep it wide as well because tall and skinny isn't that good either (unless you're a woman and a supermodel and even then I highly recommend not to go anorexic on the energy system!).

3. Hold it and let energies from below and above spiral around and through this new shape. Hold it steady whilst breathing deeply. This is not a matter of will power, just of attention.

4. Repeat this exercise as often as possible to let the powers that be know you want to grow into this new shape.

5. After a day or two of practise, you can feel already that it is much easier to do and it lasts for longer; it should also MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD - brighter, stronger, bigger, more powerful.

Be sure that this is so!

Simple and extremely effective.

Wishing you blue skies,


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