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A Spell For Family Unity & Family Harmony

A Spell For Family Unity & Family Harmony

Here is a simple spell without any difficult ingredients that will improve the flow of love in a family, heal old wounds in a family, and bring about better harmony and unity in a family. With video how to.

 Family Spell How To Instruction Video

1. Find some simple stones.

2. Give each family member a stone, one at a time, and arrange them.

3. Use your energy hands to let love flow from your heart, down your arms and into the family constellation.

4. When you are ready, move the stones closer together and give more love.

5. When the stones are together and touching, place both hands directly on the stones and send love, healing and harmony to the family group.


You can put the stones on your altar, or further embellish by drawing a heart or a circle around them.

Leave the stones together and keep adding good intentions for as long as you need to make further improvements in family unity and family harmony.


Love is the greatest power to heal!

All change starts at the energy level!


I salute you for bringing positive energy and searching for a spell to improve family unity and family harmony!

Keep up the good work, keep loving more and more, and be blessed.


Silvia Hartmann

April 2019

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