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A Spell For An Old Witch

A Spell For An Old Witch

Tanya Silvermoon writes:

Dear Starfields, I really like your site, it is interesting, friendly and charming. The reason I am writing to you: I wonder if you have any good advice for an old witch! I have been working with magic (wicca mostly) for the last twenty years, and for a while I have been feeling as though I've reached a plateau, or that I am just not getting any further.


I think what I am trying to say is that I'm in a bit of a rut!

Have you any ideas/spells/meditations I could do to move me on again?


I think what I am trying to say is that I'm in a bit of a rut!


Have you any ideas/spells/meditations I could do to move me on again?

I'd be very grateful

Tanya Silvermoon

Hi Tanya,

I know just how you feel.

Magic is amazing, but absolutely everything can seem to be a bit routine after a while.

When I read your message what came to me was the thought of your relationship with the archangels, or the quarters, even if there are five of them.

Now when we first start with magic, that's one of the first things we learn - to contact and work with the archangels.

And it can happen that we think it's all sorted and somehow stop investigating something as basic as that, but especially the archangels are a lifetime's worth of fascination and endless in their splendour.

I would advise a meditation where you go to their plane of existence, and as you go up towards it, take your clothes off (metaphorically laying down beliefs about self) and eventually also take your body off so you can meet them in spirit, as it were.

Even if you've done this a million times, as we grow and evolve, it is always new, and we learn new things each and every time, because what we learn is dependent on where we're coming from, if you know what I mean.

Go there and meet with them. Individually and as a group. Dance with them by all means. Let them know of your concerns and open yourself up to their energy and responses. Try to be *childlike*, completely open, no prejudices and no fear of learning something you might not want to know.

Sometimes you have to be brave for those sort of things.

I think that a romantic holiday with the archangels might well put some spice back into your witchy life :-) and help you get to the next level.

Wishing you all good fortune and bright, fresh winds of morning,



A Follow Up:

Hello Starfields, this is Tanya the old witch again!

Thank you SO much for your suggestion. You were spot on! I realised right away as I went into the meditation that I have been too respectful/scared in that context, not personal enough. You were right as well, I did these meditations when I was younger and I am not that person any longer. This was very different and immensely exciting - THANK you for this suggestion.

Dancing with the archangels Is Wonderful!

Sending you my sincere gratitude and if you ever need any magic support, please let me know.

Tanya Silvermoon

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