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A Joyful Money Spell & Ritual!

A Joyful Money Spell & Ritual!

Now, you might be used to the idea that rituals have to be spooky and dour and oh so meaningfully weird to make any difference. But this *is* the ENERGY MAGIC site here and here, we do things very differently. Joy, lightness, pleasure and fun are truly empowering and wonderful energies - THAT'S what we need to give us the power and the laughter to make it through our days, of course! Love is the most powerful energy form in the world, and here, we are going to have some REAL fun with a ritual to heal our contorted relationships with the innocent energy that goes under the name "money".

This ritual is done standing up.

No circles.

No spookiness.

Wherever you are right now, get up and do it at least the once so you get a FEEL of how different this is and how HAPPY and amazing this makes you feel.

The more energy you can put into it, the better this works, in a simple cause and effect.

This is how you do it.

1. Stand UP!

2. Loosen your feet, your hands, arms, neck and shoulders. Wriggle a bit and get your energy system and your body flowing.

3. Chant the spell out ALOUD, in fact as LOUD as you can, so you can really hear it ringing across the levels, planes and layers. Clap your hands to keep the rhythm and DANCE the entire spell WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY.

4. At the end, where it says, 1-2-3! you clap and cheer out aloud, wave your arms in the air just like you would after your favourite team has scored a goal or your favourite artist has just finished your favourite song most triumphantly, and you shout, "Yeah! Money! Money!!!" whilst clapping and jumping around.

5. When you're done, and whilst you're still grinning to yourself and you're slightly hoarse and out of breath, give yourself a pat on the shoulder and say, "Ok, so THAT'S what REAL magic actually feels like!"

6. Next time you do it, go for EVEN MORE excitement, energy and delight. Active LOVE and ACTIVE CHEER AND INVITATION will completely change your relationship to money, basically right away, and really get more and more money flowing towards you, as well as making you far more loving and careful of it, too!

Have fun, have PLEASURE and let that money energy FLOW!

SFX 29.11.04


Money joy and money pleasure,

money riches, money treasure,

come to me my friend of old

come to me in shining gold,

I'm in love for I can see

you are perfect energy!


Feed me, lift me, bring me joys,

bring me pleasures, bring me toys,

Rushing brightness I adore,

clear me, raise me, more and more!

Money come and play with me!

I invite you - 1 - 2 - 3 !


Now, REALLY clap and cheer:



We LOVE money!!!



Joyful money spell spiral

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