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A Beauty Spell To Shine

A Beauty Spell To Shine

Marilyn writes: Dear Starfields, Your website is beautiful! And I am learning sooo much. I would like to request two spells. The first is for me to either find a different (better) job quickly or two remove the negative management currently in place and allow me to grow in my career and shine. The second is for the guy I see to only see me. His eyes wander all over the place to all sorts of women and I feel invisible sometimes - its like he can't help himself. I would love his energy and love to be 100% focused on me. Thank you in advance for your help and your website.


Dear Marilyn,

When I read your message, what jumped out at me was that you want to SHINE.

Personally, as well as in your career, it's the same deal.

So I recommend the essential beauty spell which is about more than beauty as they think of it in fashion magazines, but SHINING.

So here's the spell.

1. Learn the spell by heart so you really know it.

2. Two fresh white candles on the bathroom shelf either side, in front of the mirror (or another mirror elsewhere).

3. Wait until after nightfall. Take off your clothes. Turn off the lights, light the candles.

4. Keep your eyes closed. Take 7 deep slow breaths in and out and use each breath to stand up straighter, relax, release tensions from your body, counting backwards from 7 to zero as you do.

5. On Zero, open your eyes. Look into your own eyes in the mirror and speak the spell slowly and with meaning. Let your voice be steady and resonant.

All men can now see
the true beauty in me
bow their head and bend their knee
see what they once could not see

My true beauty they shall see
as I will, so shall it be.

6. When the spell is done, bow to yourself in the mirror and blow out the candles.

7. Take three deep breaths in the dark then say out aloud, "It is done."

This completes the spell.

You can do this any time but a full moon is the best alignment.

A great spell that brings good results even for beginners.

Blessings from me also,


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