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7 x 7 = 49 ... Happy Birthday, StarFields!

7 x 7 = 49 ... Happy Birthday, StarFields!

This is the number 7 in numerology: 7 = Completion: Creativity manifest, expressing the spiritual in physical form, MAGIC. Very suitable for your humble correspondent on this occasion, indeed. A grand birthday and a grand year awaits! And here's a little musing on my birthday as to age, wisdom and the power of magic ...

7 x 7 = 49

When I got my driving license and my first car, I also acquired a bumper sticker that read "Trust N0-ONE Over 20!"

I got rid of the car before I had to peel it off rather shame facedly so that was good; but I do remember that for a long time, I considered someone who is like I am now, 49 for example, INCREDIBLY OLD.

I'm sure this is also so for most of the visitors on this website!

Now having an incredibly old person around can be advantageous if you play your cards right.

You can ask them questions and avoid a lot of trouble if you listen carefully to what they say.

Young people generally don't, it's true, but the few that do, can gain a competitive advantage over their peers - the transmission of knowledge and insight from an old guy to a young one is one of those things that primates and humans do and which gives them a bit of a survival edge when all is said and done.

So here's my thoughts on magic and age.

Am I magically more powerful than when I was younger? Or very young for that matter?

Yes, absolutely.

BUT ...

There's a very big but in there, and that's important.

Listen up.

I think that I have a level of magical powers that I've always had, right from birth.

It's always been with me and very much a part of my life.

It hasn't gotten any stronger or worse, it's always been the same.

But what has changed over the years is the levels of control I have, not over "it", but over ME.

When I was a teenager, I had little if no self control.

I used to fly off the handle and rage like a total lunatic. Emotions where totally overwhelming and I was out of control in every which way you want to define that notion.

I would go into depressions that weren't depressions, they were chasms, so deep they were!

This crazy out-of-control existence would of course play havoc with my magical gifts and they would likewise, go all over the shop, unpredictable, sometimes so hard and harsh it would scare me, other times nothing would happen at all the misery got even worse, and the doubts, and and and ...

It was a nightmare.

It wasn't my fault - I was a cork bobbing in a hurricane, struggling to survive. There was NO methodology or advice available, and the best you could do is to go for "self medication" with whatever came to hand to get some form of idea of an illusion of control over your destiny back.

There was no-one to hand me a book on EFT, EMO or Project Sanctuary that would help me out. I had to find out about them and most of them, invent those myself as I went along.

Now, 30 years later, we've got those things.

If you read this and you too, feel out of control with your incarnation, no matter how old you are or where you come from, I recommend you get my free 7 Spells That Will Change Your Life ebook. It describes a number of simple rituals that you can use to start straightening out your own energy system, and also gives you a release and pressure valve to really talk about the stuff that fries you, drives you nuts, to distraction, hurts you, confuses you, makes you angry and makes you sad - and that's priceless in and of itself.

It's a start, a good start, a good step in the right direction.

If I'd had that as a resource when I was a teenager, what magic could I do today with an added 30 years of experience and so much less failure, and so much more success!

That's loss of life, and it doesn't bear thinking about.

So we best don't and focus on the future.

If you've ever tried to write something whilst bouncing along in a car, or on a train, and your handwriting is being torn apart by the movement, then you will understand that's what happens to our magic when we are going crazy, get upset and bounce around madly all over the place.

It's not that you don't know how to write, or that you can't write cleanly and perfectly - it's the circumstances overall that mess up the message to the point where it becomes illegible.

So if you're going to listen to this old witch and take one piece of advice, take your incarnation in hand AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and find ways to calm yourself, to get in control of YOUR SELF and your states and emotions, your responses to the shit the world throws at you.

When you stop bouncing around, that's when the magic starts to flow and really gets going, becomes predictable, becomes manageable, becomes beautiful.

Make it your business to find your center, the calm in the center of the hurricane where the sun always shines and stillness and blue skies are ALWAYS the truth. Think of yourself as a tool that must be held precious and kept clean, clear and strong; protect it from idiots who would misuse it or ruin it; polish it lovingly and over time, get rid of the flaws that happened during manufacture.

Build your strength, your power step by step and do EVERYTHING you can to make yourself as calm, as healthy and as powerfully centered as you can possibly be.

The magic is within you, and what we do around that, defines how, when and to which degree we get to use it and let it out.

That's what I've learned and if we - you and I both, and no matter who we are, how old, where we came from or what happened along the way - keep the focus ON THAT, to be strong and calm first of all, then we are going to see our magic flower like never before.

Here's to the year of real magic,

And blessings on your path,


August 23rd, 2008

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