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3 Great Summer Solstice Spells To Do Anytime, Anywhere

3 Great Summer Solstice Spells To Do Anytime, Anywhere
Happy Summer Solstice, magical friends! Here are 3 great energy magic activities if you didn't get to Glastonbury this year :-)
The EMO Sun Healer, The Ladder To The Light, and Infinite Sunshine. Enjoy!

1. The EMO Sun Healer
That's going to be extra special on Summer Solstice, right?
Step outside, close your eyes and feel the sun on your body. Move your body until the sun touches the place where you seek healing.
Let the sun energy flow in, through and out.
Note: This is particularly good for "broken hearts."


2. The Ladder To The Light
Step outside, find the sun, close your eyes and turn towards it so you are facing it.
Take a deep breath and find a first powerful Positive that you want more of in your life.
Let's say we start with LOVE.
Use the power of the sun to energize you and bring you more LOVE.
Take one step forward and choose the next Positive.
You can do three steps, seven, 12, or how ever many you want until you are fully energized.

3. Infinite Sunshine
If it is raining where you are, or you cannot go outside to find the sun for whatever reason, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.
Expand your senses and find where the sun is in the sky right now.
Above the clouds, the sun is ALWAYS shining, and even at night, its particles and rays travel through the earth to the other side, and you can literally feel and know where it is located.
Connect with the sun and let its rays stream into you, and make the decision to stay connected to the sun at all times to empower you in a whole new way.
Wishing you wonderful blessings and a sparkling day,
StarFields x

PS: Summer Solstice is a great opportunity to really charge up your crystals, magic toys, charms, and charge water too with that extra "the sun never comes any closer than this!" sunshine energy.


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