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Make A JuJu, Moppet, Poppet or Magic Doll Step By Step

Make A JuJu, Moppet, Poppet or Magic Doll Step By Step

How To Make A Juju. Magic Doll, Basic Poppet Or Moppet -  Moppet Making Made Easy with SFX :-)

You can use the same basic technique with anything, from washing line to jungle vine, from straw to fabric, from metal wire to silk cord, and make your juju, moppet or poppet in any size at all.

Jujus, worry dolls, magic dolls, poppets or moppets have 1001 magical uses, so be inventive!

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Money In My Pocket

coin for money in my pocket money spell articleThis is a fast and fun spell you can drum, clap, sing, chant, think whenever you get worried about money.

Kids and children love this spell too and it is a right antidote to thinking of money as being this horrible dour black nasty thing you still can't get enough of!

Note: This is from 2004 but it's really helpful, works like a charm so I brought it back.

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What I LOVE About MAGIC!

What I LOVE About MAGIC!

Why are people (old and young, from near and far) interested in magic? What do they find exciting and what are they looking to find in the study of magic? Here are some very personal answers for us to reflect upon and enjoy - and inspire us, too!

*There is a lot of magic in this article - energy, in other words. Just reading it makes me tingle, every time. Well worth seeing/reading/doing (again, and again).

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Metal Magic: Tin Casting Divination

Metal Magic: Tin Casting Divination

When I was but a squirt in Germany, it was quite common on New Year's eve to enjoy the good ritual of melting tin in a ladle over an open fire and then dropping the liquid metal into a bucket of cold water. You would then fish it out and divine the year ahead by the shape the tin has taken. These tin divination pieces were also held to be good luck charms for the whole year and I knew people who collected them; others melted them down and used them again; others still threw them into a river or the sea as a part of the ritual.

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Help! My Mom Won't Let Me Do Witchcraft

Help! My Mom Won

Is it possible to do magic without any of the oh so many ingredients that are prescribed for even the simplest of spells?

What if you live in a situation where you can't be "seen" to wave wands and pentacles about?

Here is my advice for what do if you REALLY want to learn how to do REAL MAGIC ...

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Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

Looking for a reliable fortune teller?

Here is our mysterious fortune teller - ask a question, get an answer!

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Quick Numerology Divination

Quick Numerology Divination

Here is a quick online numerology divination game - throw the dice and learn about influences of past, present and future.

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The Mystical 8 Ball Returns ...

The Mystical 8 Ball Returns ...

Some things are just so profoundly *good*, they pass the test of time. No matter what, no matter where, they are always - just great, I guess.

And what better item to start off the new Topic of "Fun" than with this wonderful mystical ancient prophetic self help tool ...

Posted Jun 5, 2004 72,670 Reads More Magic --->
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