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How To Set Up A Magic Altar

How To Set Up A Magic Altar

Michael from the US asked how to make an altar.

Here's a simple 7 step method to make a real working energy magic altar and some tips on altar offerings and how to make sure your altar gets more powerful over time, rather than becoming ever more confused.

Posted Jan 17, 2012 23,664 Reads Read Answer ...

Guardian Angels & Guardian Spirits

Guardian Angels & Guardian Spirits

A good, ongoing, working relationship with your guardian angel or guardian spirit is OF THE ESSENCE if you want help, work magic, or need powerful protection. 

I am constantly surprised at people who want to try and do magic without such support, and others who really should know better who just put in few requests with their guardian angels or guardian spirits once in a blue moon during a ritual - and otherwise totally ignore them! How rude!

Posted Apr 16, 2010 42,549 Reads Read Answer ...

Premonitions & Guardian Angel

Premonitions & Guardian Angel

Bob writes: I need a spell to summon a ghost or if not someone I can talk to to help sort out my life like a guardian angel or someone. I need your help.

Posted Feb 15, 2007 11,259 Reads Read Answer ...

A Spell For An Old Witch

A Spell For An Old Witch

Tanya Silvermoon writes:

Dear Starfields, I really like your site, it is interesting, friendly and charming. The reason I am writing to you: I wonder if you have any good advice for an old witch! I have been working with magic (wicca mostly) for the last twenty years, and for a while I have been feeling as though I've reached a plateau, or that I am just not getting any further.


I think what I am trying to say is that I'm in a bit of a rut!

Have you any ideas/spells/meditations I could do to move me on again?

Posted Jan 10, 2007 12,412 Reads Read Answer ...
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