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Money Spell

Sun Spell 4 Summer Solstice - Wealth, Power & Love

Sun Spell 4 Summer Solstice - Wealth, Power & Love

Summer Solstice for 2013 is on Friday, 21 June at 05.00. That's the moment when the sun stands still and listens - and a perfect moment for a special spell. Now in all magical workings from the dawn of time, the Sun has had a special place as the single most powerful physical existence in our lives. Sun magic, one might say, is therefore the most powerful form of magic if you want to make changes in the material world. Which is why Hitler adopted the Sun rune (aka the swastika) as the symbol for his party ... and material changes they made ...

Please Note: You can do this spell at any time the sun is shining, all year round!

Posted Jun 20, 2013 53,576 Reads More Magic --->

Money In My Pocket

coin for money in my pocket money spell articleThis is a fast and fun spell you can drum, clap, sing, chant, think whenever you get worried about money.

Kids and children love this spell too and it is a right antidote to thinking of money as being this horrible dour black nasty thing you still can't get enough of!

Note: This is from 2004 but it's really helpful, works like a charm so I brought it back.

Posted Jul 28, 2012 169,983 Reads More Magic --->

Money Spells & Money Potions In 24 Carat Gold

Money Spells & Money Potions In 24 Carat Gold

Want some really cool money spells and money potions? Here is a simple but very effective way of creating excellent money spells, super-charging your money spells, making your own prosperity potions by shifting your energetic vibration to become more attractive to money and wealth and feel like a million dollars - and all you need is a little gold ...

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A Simple Luck Spell: A Penny For Luck

A Simple Luck Spell: A Penny For Luck

A simple but effective luck spell, an old gypsy spell that may have a thing or two to do with the reknown "luck of the Irish."

You don't need a wand or any paraphenalia, all you need is a penny for luck - and a little bit of magic :-)

Posted Aug 12, 2011 111,818 Reads More Magic --->

Prosperity Bath Spell, Money Ritual

Prosperity Bath Spell, Money Ritual

Spell Keywords: Bath spell, money spell, simple money ritual, prosperity spell. I don't often post spells proposed by visitors as most of them don't pass my inbuilt quality control. This prosperity/money bath spell today is different - this is a nice solid traditional spell where all the components work together as they should to create a portal that will manifest the intention, in this case a specific sum of money. It doesn't surprise me that the Visitor who posted this money spell said it worked for them within the week.

A good money spell and thank you to the anonymous visitor for sending it in.

Posted Nov 2, 2006 81,246 Reads More Magic --->

Money Spells, Wealth Meditations, Prosperity Rituals

Money Spells, Wealth Meditations, Prosperity Rituals

Spell Keywords: Money Spell, Money Ritual, Wealth Spell, Money & Magic, Free Money Spell

You can get 60 magic wealth creation money spells, money meditations, prosperity affirmations, also money games and wealth & prosperity mini rituals - all of which can be done in minutes entirely for free.

Read on ...

Posted Oct 21, 2005 96,399 Reads More Magic --->

A Joyful Money Spell & Ritual!

Now, you might be used to the idea that rituals have to be spooky and dour and oh so meaningfully weird to make any difference. But this *is* the ENERGY MAGIC site here and here, we do things very differently. Joy, lightness, pleasure and fun are truly empowering and wonderful energies - THAT'S what we need to give us the power and the laughter to make it through our days, of course! Love is the most powerful energy form in the world, and here, we are going to have some REAL fun with a ritual to heal our contorted relationships with the innocent energy that goes under the name "money".
Posted Dec 3, 2004 29,885 Reads More Magic --->

Simple Manifesting Technique

Thomas netqwest[at] wrote:

Write down on a piece of paper exactly what you desire.

State it in a way that feels "natural" to YOU.

Posted Oct 29, 2004 26,095 Reads More Magic --->

Money Spell - Wealth, Power, Opportunity

Money Spell Keywords: Great prosperity, money from land, real estate, commerce, business power and business opportunities, money power, wealth power.
Posted May 16, 2004 11,901 Reads

Money Spell - Understanding Money

Money Spell Keywords: Understanding money, stop being afraid of money, resolving conflicts over money, getting money affairs under control, loving your accountant ...?
Posted May 16, 2004 14,162 Reads More Magic --->

Money Spell - Calling The Energy Of Money

Money Spell Keywords - Aligning with the pure energy of money, abundance, prosperity, making peace with money, showing an acceptance of the energy of money.
Posted May 16, 2004 32,540 Reads More Magic --->
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