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Spell To Make A Lover Come Back Request

Spell To Make A Lover Come Back Request

Of all the many spell requests I receive, the second most popular is for a spell to bring a lover back who has run off. This is a pretty classic example of this type of spell request:

Infinity wrote: 9 months ago i paid a spell caster to do a "break them up and return my lover" spell. however,i was required to perform a ritual. spell caster was not specific in her details and what to do. stated i need rose petals, incense and candles. and i need to repeat this process for the next 2 full moon. i ended up using the same rose petals, which by the next moon already turned brown. i suspect it might be the cause of the failed spell. any way i can erase this spell and start all over?? i had another spell caster to remove all spells for me so i can start on a clean slate. 2nd spell caster removed old spells and cast love spell twice..but till now this "return my lover" spell had been done 4 times. throughout ,the spells failed miserably and things had gone from bad to worse between me and this guy. please help

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Starfields writes:

Infinity, really.

9 months!

9 wasted months of your life.

Which is *not* infinite, do remember.

It really beats me why anyone at all would want someone in their lives who doesn't want them.

Someone who has PROVEN BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT that he/she doesn't love them, doesn't have eyes for them alone, wouldn't climb mountains and cross oceans to be with them.

What is that?!

Make a decision to put this mess into the past and GO FORWARD towards a NEW relationship that is - extraordinary, and joyful, and EASY. A relationship that MAKES YOU HAPPY and where you KNOW they won't cheat on you, or run out on you, or even want to break your heart.

Those are your guidelines to know when something is meant to be.

That is my advice.

Rays of clarity and sense,


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Heart Healing:

Spell To Put Lover Into the Past:

Cutting The Ties That Bind Us:

A General Note On The "Bring My Lover Back" Spell Desires:

People, listen up.

When someone leaves you, walks away from you, divorces you, moves in with someone else, THEY DO NOT LOVE YOU.


I can't shout it any louder.

As soon as something like that happens, REALITY HAS SPOKEN loud and clear:


Guess what?

If they were your soul mate, they would do ANYTHING to stay with you, ANYTHING.

They would slay dragons for you and they would have eyes for YOU alone.

You made a mistake when you thought they were "THE ONE".

They can NOT be "the one" if they break your heart and leave you!

It is a very simple thing, and all YOU have to do is to accept that, and get your head around the fact that you are supposed to be out there, looking still!


Because you haven't found your perfect lover yet!

And if you don't stop digging around in the past and turning away from your future, you might find after 25 years or so that you have not only MISSED MEETING THE ONE in this incarnation altogether, but you have also RUN OUT OF FUTURE.

Then you lie on your death bed with a WASTED LIFE and nothing but regrets.

Get a grip!

Yes, I know it hurts to be rejected.

Yes, I know we can be terribly stubborn and like to cling on to some decision we've made in the past.

Yes, I know that the last love is always "the one" that eclipses all others.

We thought that too when we were teenagers and totally in love with some boy band or girl band illusion.

There's only one way to heal all of that, and that is to find the NEXT ONE.

Who might themselves not even be "the THE ONE" just yet - but who might lead you in the right direction to find your soul mate eventually. But this can only happen if YOU KEEP ON MOVING FORWARD in your life!

PLEASE, dear heartbroken readers all, young or old, whatever you are, STOP hankering after an illusion from the past, and START going out to find a reality of love for your future.

Let the old one go, don't romanticise the past, live in the now and look to the future.

And what if the old one comes back, tail between the legs, and says, "Oh I want you back I've made a mistake, I have changed now ..." (Oh yeah right! As if!)

Sing them a chorus of "Cry me a river" and close the door firmly on them.






That is my will for you and all of us.



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Heart Healing:

Spell To Put Lover Into the Past:

Posted Nov 7, 2007   
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