Web Magic - 7 Magic Meditations For Success On The WWW

The First Meditation:

Love Your Site

No, I'm absolutely serious.

If you're not that nerdy minded or you are a bit afraid of all the technology, but even if you're not, what do you think your site is, at the end of the day?

A doorway to your own personal domain?

A magical shop that sells potions and secrets?

A messenger who never sleeps and who is always ready to inform and explain about you and your work?

A colorful brochure that you could never afford to have printed for real?

Perhaps some kind of personal Akashic record or library of your work or your journey in articles, manuscripts, sounds and images?

A vibrant market place where people come together to shop, to talk, to make contact, where you can meet new friends?

I tell you, there's more to YOUR site than just html, cascading style sheets and jquery.

There's a whole big world of energetic dimensions behind it all that is set by you, mostly unconsciously, and that is picked up very much indeed by your visitors - unconsciously, but nonetheless, powerfully REAL.

Your relationship with this strange entity that is *your web presence* has everything to do with both how your visitors perceive and react to it, as well as how much time, thought and effort you will spend on it in turn.

Simply put, the more you "love your site", the better it will do, the more it will thrive, and the more it will get for you what it is that you want from it - money, recognition, new friends, having a say in public and all the many reasons why people decide to build a home on the web.


A First Web Meditation For You

So for our first exercise in real magic, find a quiet time, log on and call up your home page.

Watch it load up and today, look at it with new eyes and then, go beyond merely looking at it, widen out your perception and:

Make contact with what that is you have created there, what it means to you, what your hopes and dreams are, what your fears might be, as well as old emotions such as disappointment (we will speak of this later because it is very important), dis-satisfaction, frustrations, lack of resources and so forth.

Have it be very personal to you, for you cannot feel about a string of numbers or lines of code, and without feeling, there is no desire, there is no motivation, there is no love - THERE IS NO ENERGY and without energy, how can there be magic?

As you are making this new contact, bringing your thoughts and feelings into awareness, and in doing so, becoming aware of many things on many different levels, beginning to align yourself with your intentions for the site in a whole new way, I want you to both greet, welcome and *absolutely* and *unconditionally* accept what there is before you.

No matter how rough and ready; no matter how far from what it WILL BECOME IN TIME your site is at this moment, for now just allow yourself to be delighted and grateful ...


Welcome it in gratitude and awe.

This entity enables you to talk to people of the world.

350,000,000 or in words, three hundred fifty MILLION people who read and speak English are on the web already, with thousands more coming to join us here as every second ticks away.

Allow yourself to get a sense of the true wonder of this.

Allow yourself to get a sense of true gratitude to your site - be it a freebie template from some cheap provider, just a few hastily stuck together bits from FrontPage, or your expensive custom designed work of art and everything in between.

This is your launch pad into the World Wide Web.

Now, from the small platform that is your site, allow yourself to *dissipate* and travel the strands of the web, all those computers, powerful central servers, smaller servers, all those lines of contact and information passing through them, and all of them end up somewhere along the line with a single human being, sitting in their chair, looking at the screen.

Reach out across the web, reach and stretch and touch them, call to them all, make yourself known at that level and simply give them a greeting of, "Hello there, fellow human! You are not alone!"

You may get a true sense now of the sheer enormity of this, the incredible potential, the unlimited opportunities that exist here, not just for each one of us, but for the human race as a whole.

Stay in this space until you have touched this sense, reverberated with the understanding of this, and you have regained a calm balance, then slowly:

Move backwards through the World Wide Web, all the way back, all the way back until you are, once more, with your own site, with your own screen, in your own body, here in your room.

You might want to say thank you, give a blessing, or simply sit for a while and reflect on how your feelings have changed towards your own site as a result of these new understandings, awarenesses and most importantly, *feelings* about where we all are in time and space, and how truly blessed we all are to be allowed to be here.

When the time is right, look at your site again, click through the pages and you might well notice certain things that you can change right now to bring your intention better in line with what you desire, with what your site will do for you if you just help it a little more, support it in just the right way.

You may also note the things that you want but don't know how to implement just yet - scripts, tricks, components, grafix etc. you've seen on other sites but you don't know how to make them, where to buy them, how you can have such things.

Don't worry about those, the time will come.

With every day that passes, and with the right frame of mind, you'll be able to implement your designs and desires one after the other - with a powerful underlying connection to the Web itself at the energetic level, turning these things into reality and working with the nuts and bolts practicalities and technicalities won't seem anything other than natural and unfold perfectly, in it's own time.

And speaking of time ...

... that will be the topic of our next ...

Top Lesson For Real Web Magic!

bye for now :-)



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