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A Spell To Make My Mother Let Me Drive Her Car!

A Spell To Make My Mother Let Me Drive Her Car!

Alright, so at first I giggle when I saw this spell request in the search stats: "I need a spell to make my mother let me drive her car."

But then I got a vision/sension on what kind of spell would do the trick. So here it is! The spell to make a mother let her teenage daughter drive her car :-)

Posted Nov 6, 2016 4,498 Reads Read Answer ...

How To Set Up A Magic Altar

How To Set Up A Magic Altar

Michael from the US asked how to make an altar.

Here's a simple 7 step method to make a real working energy magic altar and some tips on altar offerings and how to make sure your altar gets more powerful over time, rather than becoming ever more confused.

Posted Jan 17, 2012 78,709 Reads Read Answer ...

Spell 4 Wishes, Wishes, Wishes

Spell 4 Wishes, Wishes, Wishes
Every so often, I receive a request that goes something like this:

"Dear Starfields, I want a spell for more money, lots more money, a new house, a new boyfriend, a new job, for my mother's sickness, to get better looking, to have a holiday and a new car, and for me to become more intelligent, beautiful, hard working and successful. And famous. And I'd also like a flatscreen TV. And a garden for my kids to play in. And luck on the lottery. And a new bathroom. And a spell to learn to play guitar really quickly and be good at it. Thanks in advance, XXX"
Posted Jun 17, 2007 19,372 Reads Read Answer ...

A Spell To Sell A House?

A Spell To Sell A House?

Megan wrote:

> Message: i would love to know of a spell for selling a house. many thanks

Posted Apr 11, 2006 54,500 Reads Read Answer ...
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