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Money Spells, Wealth Meditations, Prosperity Rituals

Money Spells, Wealth Meditations, Prosperity Rituals

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You can get 60 magic wealth creation money spells, money meditations, prosperity affirmations, also money games and wealth & prosperity mini rituals - all of which can be done in minutes entirely for free.

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You can get 60 different forms of money spell, money meditation, prosperity exercise and all sorts of fascinating magic exercises which only take 60 seconds to do!

And it's completely FREE!

The whole idea is that you do it EVERY DAY for a short time - just like with exercise, it works best that way and it doesn't hurt! I reckoned that you do ONE simple money spell per day, the cumulative effect is going to be TREMENDOUS and will really make far more difference than if you did one massive meta "money ritual" once in a blue moon :-)

I want people to get wealthy because I know that they can - it's just a question of magic over money.

Sign up to Xtra Magic, our ezine, and get the 60 money spells, meditations and exercises.

Two month's worth of doing something magical to improve YOUR wealth if you do just one a day.

Get Cool. Get Smart. Get RICH!

Sparkling blessings of luck, opportunity and true prosperity that dissolve all old entrainments and roadblocks to happiness all around,


Posted Oct 21, 2005   
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