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Am I A Witch? Answer 7 Questions To Find Out If You're A Witch!

Am I A Witch? Answer 7 Questions To Find Out If You

Gena asks: "I've had many weird experiences my whole life long and I think I might be a witch.

"Am I a witch? How can I tell if I am a witch?"

Here are 7 Questions to tell if you're a witch - or not!

Posted Dec 21, 2014 27,722 Reads Read Answer ...

How To Undo An Accidental Voodoo Doll

How To Undo An Accidental Voodoo Doll

Making connections through which energy flows and which have an effect in the real world is what energy magic is all about. And it is true that sometimes, folk who play around with magic can accidentally learn some interesting lessons along the way.

Here is the story of the accidental voodoo doll, and how it was undone.

Posted Nov 6, 2014 4,156 Reads Read Answer ...

Spell For Decision Making

Spell For Decision Making

Dear Starfields, 
I am a 23 year old girl. I find it difficult to make up my mind on an important matter. Could you please suggest a spell that can guide me in decision making and help me choose wisely? 

Posted Dec 3, 2013 4,620 Reads Read Answer ...

I'm Desperate - None Of My Magic Spells Are Working! What's Going Wrong?


I keep getting "desperate help" messages and people asking "Why doesn't magic work for me? I'm desperate! What's going wrong! None of my spells are working!!!" There is a really simple answer to this that is so, so important in magic, but so few people seem to know about this. Here is in a nutshell what happens when when your spells don't work, why they don't work, and most importantly, what you need to do to get your magic power up and running as it should. 

Posted Oct 16, 2013 18,545 Reads Read Answer ...

Choosing An Object For A Luck Charm

Choosing An Object For A Luck Charm

Lena writes: So I've been having some trouble with luck recently and i'd like to know how to make an object into a luck charm or if its even possible, I would aprieciate it if would tell me how?

Posted May 16, 2013 41,525 Reads Read Answer ...

Spell To Heal My Friend's Broken Heart

Spell To Heal My Friend

I've received a request for a healing spell for a friend who is heartbroken because of love pain.

That's really nice; most people only ever request spells for themselves and that can be problematic. Doing a loving heart healing spell for another person is a wonderful gift. You can use this spell for any friend who could do with more love in their lives, or a relative, or a lover, or a child. Beautiful spell, only two ingredients - your intention and your love.

Posted Jul 31, 2012 25,940 Reads Read Answer ...

Good Magic VS Evil Magic

Good Magic VS Evil Magic

A Visitor asked:

I would like to know the difference between good magic and evil magic.

Posted Jul 19, 2012 18,581 Reads Read Answer ...

Magic Wand - How To Make Your Own Real Magic Wand

Magic Wand - How To Make Your Own Real Magic Wand

In the last week I got five separate requests for how to make a magic wand. I thought that was weird, seeing I had written an extensive article about it. I remembered making a wand as an example and taking the photographs. I looked for it but couldn't find it online. But I did find the magic wand article eventually. I'd done it but not uploaded it.

OK ... so here's the article I wrote seven years ago ... how to make and use your own real magic wand. Enjoy.

Posted Jul 18, 2012 205,819 Reads Read Answer ...

Magic Staff: How To Make A Real Magic Staff

Magic Staff: How To Make A Real Magic Staff

Sirka from Norway wrote: "I love the magic staff you used in the Leap Year spell. How do you make a magic staff? What do you use them for? And how is a magic staff different from a magic wand?"

Posted Feb 25, 2012 36,451 Reads Read Answer ...

How To Set Up A Magic Altar

How To Set Up A Magic Altar

Michael from the US asked how to make an altar.

Here's a simple 7 step method to make a real working energy magic altar and some tips on altar offerings and how to make sure your altar gets more powerful over time, rather than becoming ever more confused.

Posted Jan 17, 2012 30,152 Reads Read Answer ...

Free Your Magic With EFT

Free Your Magic With EFT

Time and time again when I'm asked for a spell for this and that I end up telling the person, "You don't need to do a magic spell for this, you need to do some EFT instead!" EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a baby-simple but highly effective self help treatment form to make changes to your energy body, and that changes the way you feel as well as the way you think.

For people who work in the blessed yet often perplexing realms of magic, EFT is extremely useful to overcome fears, limitations, anxiety, and generally speaking set a person free to do much, much more powerful magic all around.

Posted Oct 20, 2010 28,883 Reads Read Answer ...

Levitating Objects - Moving Things With Your Mind

Levitating Objects - Moving Things With Your Mind

Re: Levitate/Move things with mind.

Message: My name is Colin I am 13 and I live in Australia, I wanted to know if there where any spells that could levitate and/or move things using your mind.I Would love to know.

Thank you for your time, Sincerly, Colin

Posted Aug 20, 2010 131,293 Reads Read Answer ...

Curses & Hexes DIY Removal Spell

Curses & Hexes DIY Removal Spell

To successfully remove curses and hexes by yourself isn't as difficult as it may seem.

You need two things - one force to "draw out" the curses and hexes, and another acting to "push out" these foreign energy viruses that cause disturbances and misfortune, like the proverbial thorn in our side.

Finally, you need to heal the damage the curse or hex has caused you.

Here is a simple old fashioned gypsy spell to remove curses and hexes by yourself.

Posted Jul 3, 2010 107,815 Reads Read Answer ...

How To Raise Power For Magic

How To Raise Power For Magic

Suree writes:

Dear StarFields, I've been taught to go into an alpha state prior to doing magic, spells, rituals etc.

But I find I get very sleepy and drowsy. How can I raise more power for magic?

Posted Apr 16, 2010 33,467 Reads Read Answer ...

Leap Year Spell For February 29th

Leap Year Spell For February 29th

We have a leap year this year and someone requested a Leap Year Spell for February 29th. This was an interesting experience and a good exercise in how to create magic spells and rituals in the first place, original spells that belong to you, that come from you and therefore, have a much better chance to work for you. So here's my leap year spell; you can use it or just use it for inspiration to create a leap year spell of your own.

Posted Feb 25, 2010 9,364 Reads Read Answer ...

Help! My Mom Won't Let Me Do Witchcraft

Help! My Mom Won

Is it possible to do magic without any of the oh so many ingredients that are prescribed for even the simplest of spells?

What if you live in a situation where you can't be "seen" to wave wands and pentacles about?

Here is my advice for what do if you REALLY want to learn how to do REAL MAGIC ...

Posted Apr 15, 2009 105,776 Reads Read Answer ...

Where To Look for Magic And How To Find It

Where To Look for Magic And How To Find It

People are always asking me, "What do you have to do to be a real witch? A real magician? Where is Hogwarts? Point the way ..."

On this site I give many ideas for anyone who is actually serious about magic to get started, get practicing (which means to do something practical in order to learn something from it!) and have fun with magic.

Here is an important tip that does divide the wheat from the chaff - looking out for opportunities to do magic, and when one presents itself, to jump on it with both feet and take advantage - there and then!

Posted Apr 13, 2009 24,946 Reads Read Answer ...

Search For My Lost Psychic Abilities

Search For My Lost Psychic Abilities

Linda writes: I would like some information on how to request a spell to help in my search for psychic abilities. I was told I had some psychic abilities when I was younger but no longer.

I want to know what it's all about.

Thanks so much - Linda

Posted Apr 14, 2008 23,066 Reads Read Answer ...

A Spell To Make Better Spells

A Spell To Make Better Spells

Daniel asks: Other than just practising casting spells is there anyway to improve spell casting strength?

Or my magic abilities in general?

Posted Dec 31, 2007 7,317 Reads Read Answer ...

Evil Black Magick Confusion

Evil Black Magick Confusion

Misty wrote: If you can please help me with a spell so that I can be happy, I know that someone has done evil black magick on me and i really have tried everything possible to help my self but , really i have not had any luck.

Posted Dec 11, 2007 10,332 Reads Read Answer ...
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